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We are a group of academics and support staff from across Europe who are interested in improving the experience of students as they enter higher education. In 2006 our inaugural conference was hosted at Teesside University and since then we have met across the continent.

  • 2007 – Gothenburg
  • 2008 – Wolverhampton
  • 2009 – Groningen
  • 2010 – Antwerp
  • 2011 – Manchester
  • 2012 – smaller events in Nottingham, Teesside and Antwerp
  • 2013 – Helsinki
  • 2014 – Nottingham
  • 2015 – Bergen
  • 2016 – Ghent
  • 2017 – Birmingham
  • 2018 – Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • 2019 – Cork

The EFYE Conference Planning Team includes a team of volunteers working in universities across Europe.

The European First Year Experience Network Discussion List is a discussion forum where colleagues can discuss issues relating to the first year experience. New members are welcome! To join please go to the EFYE JISCmail Home Page to subscribe. As of this year EFYE also organises webinars.

We are open to new hosts from across Europe. If you are interested in hosting the event in future years, please email us.


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